Steamy African Nights

JAMBO Rafiki’s around the world!

The last week has been a mind blowing rush of excitement, complete with endless amounts of chapatti’s and bananas as our team has officially been in East Africa for 7 days! We could not be more amazed by the mind-blowing group of kids who are joining us on this adventure and over the next 5 weeks we are going to have an epic time fo’ sho’. We started out in Nairobi, where we got cozy with the locals in the largest local market where we bargained for shirts that are now decked out in EA pride! We also picked up the most delicious mangoes known to man and settled in for a night of tuskers under the Nairobi sky! Kibera was next, where our eyes were opened to the realities of life in the developing world, soaking in messages of peace, beautiful art and the inspirational stories of Solo 7. We also stopped along the way for a kick-ass hike and bike ride through Hells Gate National Park, where the Zebras and Giraffes were out in force!

Right now we are in Kisumu, the third largest (and arguably the most beautiful) city in Kenya. Tucked right into the shores of Lake Victoria we will be spending the next 5 days working on a youth empowerment and emloyment project in the Nyalenda Slum with Blue Cross Kenya! We’re getting the days off with huge amounts of Mandazi (local doughnuts) and chai and are so stoked to get going!

Sending Peace and Love From the EA!

Kwahari Amigo’s