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Central America

It Takes a Village – BU in Guatemala

Touching down at GUA airport, we were met with the welcoming arms of our program leaders. They introduced us to the culture and history of Guatemala and the many experiences we would undergo. At Guatemala City, we unexpectedly found ourselves in the heart of a

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Wat Up from Siem Reap?

Yes, we missed our bus in Thailand. Yes, we took 5 buses. Yes, we were on a bus for over 26 hours. And yes, the bus did break down on our way… BUT it was totally worth it! The charm of Cambodia cast its spell

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Every Step Counts

If you read our last blog post, you´d remember that our week was tiring to say the least. In addition to our regular activities, we also made room for salsa lessons and a birthday celebration (happy birthday to OGGer Anna Marzsalek)! Perhaps the most fun

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Can you Kente? Yes we Can!

This morning we went down to the market and haggled with some tro tro drivers to guide us around for the day. We wanted to get out of town and explore some new sites. Since the 12 of us would fill up a whole vehicle

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Bienveni en Ayiti!

The group has arrived! All participants are safe and sound after being welcomed by a konpa band at the airport and surviving the craziness that is Haitian customs. In our first two days, we’ve accomplished so much its hard even to recount it all. We

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