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Akwaaba to Ghana!

After Jeremy, Michelle and I bused and tro tro-ed from North to South, ate our way through groundnut stews and mangoes, got some Azunto dance lessons from the streets and lived without power (“it is lights out”) in our home-way-from-home in Sandema, we are now

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On the Road to Leh

Alan and Norbu spend 86 hours in transit, from the heart of Nepal to the most isolated city in India. The views weren’t bad along the way, neither were the clothing purchases. We’re looking forward to sharing the ride with the Late Summer India/Nepal participants.

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Rwanda? More like Rwaiting..

Kigali – Kampala Muneeb and I touched down at Kigali International Airport on Monday night, ready to hit the ground running. Instead, it felt like all we did during our first two days in Rwanda was wait in lines. We waited over an hour upon

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Akwaaba!! Accra!

A Town, City, and country, I have missed so much, has welcomed me back with open arms and open hearts! A place where you step in, and feel a lack of those simple comforts of home, a place where the heat can be unbearable, and you’re not

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