Six weeks have come and gone and our early summer Global Health trip to West Africa is over! Our trip took us through some of Ghana's busiest city streets, its vast and beautiful mountains and forests, the red-earth and clay roads of the north, and along its breathtaking coast. Along the way we made great friends and got to learn about  the lifestyle, culture, food, drink, dance, and everything in between. Our work and volunteer placements ranged from the surgical theater at the National Cardiothoracic Center in Accra to the makeshift football pitch at Horizon Children's Centre (HCC) in the Upper East Region. During our independent travel time, we each managed to travel from the northern-most region to the western gold coast. Some of us saw the expansive Mole National Park on the way, while others chose to extend their volunteer placements in Kumasi and Accra. We all met in Princess Town - a dreamy fishing village in the western part of the coast - to have a few days of rest, relaxation, and a disorientation from the mind-boggling six week adventure that had just transpired.

Mole National Park, Ghana Mole National Park