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Getting to the Reality of Life in Haiti

As we are getting close to the halfway point of the trip, none of us knows if we feel like we just arrived or if we have been here forever. One thing is for sure, Haiti has taught everyone to live in the present and nothing else! Between our time working hard on our project, learning to speak Kreyol, enduring long tap-tap rides and experiencing too many truly Haitian moments to count, we have learned a lot while becoming an OG family.

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Beach Day Hurray!

For our day off on Sunday, Team OG Haiti headed to a beach outside Port-au-Prince. Cramming 15 people into a tap-tap that probably should have sat only 8, we headed out of the city. Two flat tires and a few hours later, we arrived perfectly

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Bienveni en Ayiti!

The group has arrived! All participants are safe and sound after being welcomed by a konpa band at the airport and surviving the craziness that is Haitian customs. In our first two days, we’ve accomplished so much its hard even to recount it all. We

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Thoughts from a final day in Haiti

Jonah’s thoughts from his scouting mission to Haiti. Pretty amazing stuff.   “It’s complicated.” That’s the long and short of the general consensus here in Haiti. I’ve heard this simple summation of Haiti’s tumultous history, bleak present and even murkier future from the most pessimistic

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