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Mind and Body with Emma in India

an interview with Emma, by Caroline W Last week, we sat down with Megan to hear about her Adventure in Guatemala. We’re back with another interview with an OG Alum – Emma! Here’s what she had to say about her time in India with us…

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Rollercoaster India

From dodging traffic in Delhi’s 40oC heat to trekking through the frigid mountains of Ladhak, from soaring in the skies of Manali on a wind-swept parasail to 20 hours of the most winding and bumpy bus rides, the OG India trip has been a rollercoaster

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Namaste from India!

Cock a doodle doo… About 5am, I wake up to my first morning in Nepal to the sound of a rooster. Really? A rooster in the heart of downtown Kathmandu, in the middle of the tourist hub, Thamel! That is funny and new. Later as

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On the Road to Leh

Alan and Norbu spend 86 hours in transit, from the heart of Nepal to the most isolated city in India. The views weren’t bad along the way, neither were the clothing purchases. We’re looking forward to sharing the ride with the Late Summer India/Nepal participants.

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India/Nepal Pre-Con Begins!

Norbu explains how when he went to school in Jampaling there was never any light at night, his uncle Tashi leads us back towards their families’ home, large groups of fireflies swirl on a stretch of black farmland, community farmland that can be shared by

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