At Spanish Class

Taking in the Culture of Lima

Written by Angele Lalonde, 2015 Peru: Amazon Adventure

The OG Amazon Adventure Crew spent our first week in Lima, the capital city of Peru, taking in the culture in as many ways as we could. We took almost-daily Spanish classes to finesse our language skills before adventuring into the streets of Lima.

Exploring the streets and squares of Lima

Photo by Joe Lovejoy

Sites we visited in Lima included the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza de San Martin. Some of the highlights of the day included a tour of the catacombs of San Francisco and viewing a statue of a lady with a llama on her head.

The following day involved bus rides to some of the slums of Lima: Pachacutec. We met with a community group which practices skills similar to those in Cirque du Soleil, such as juggling, walking on stilts, and drumming. After brief workshops with the performers we were released into the streets of Pachacutec (stilts and all!).

Lima's historical architecture.

Photo by Joe Lovejoy

Another day brought another adventure as we did a bike tour to brush up on our Peruvian history. We biked through Miraflores and Baranco before returning to our hostel to prepare for another busy day.

To wrap up the week we took a salsa class and went to the discotec to, once again, show off our maravillosas new skills! We danced with the OG Mind and Body group as well to have a fiesta before departing to Iquitos the next day.

More adventures are coming and you will hear from us again soon!

Angele and the OG Amazon Adventure crew