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Tanzania Myth Buster

It’s normal to be nervous when travelling to new places. That’s why travelling with us is so great because it takes some of the stress off your shoulders. One of those big stressers is of course the safety of the place you are travelling to! 
We know that in researching cities, countries, and regions we all come across information that might not be totally accurate. Here are some common myths we have heard about Tanzania, and what we know to be the realities!

Myth #1

Tanzania is dangerous


Worried about experiencing violence? According to the Global Peace Index, which is quantified by the absence of violence, Tanzania has higher levels of peace than the United States.

Concerned about being attacked by a wild animal? If you obey instructions by the locals and guides it’s perfectly safe (and truly incredible!) to witness the animals from a distance.

The safety of our program participants and leaders, as well as our partners is our biggest priority. We work closely with our partners in country to make sure our programs are safe, and while on the ground we all work together to help mitigate and prevent any unfortunately circumstances. Before you head out on a program we also have a safety chat with everyone to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and excited!

Source: https://www.visionofhumanity.org/maps/#/


myth #2

You will catch a disease


You may have heard of a few different diseases in relation to Tanzania. Heres a breakdown of some of them.

Tanzania is not a Yellow Fever risk zone, the CDC doesn’t recommend getting a yellow fever vaccination before travelling there.

While malaria is more common, there are many precautions you can take so that your chances of catching malaria are slim. Malaria rates have significantly dropped throughout the continent.

As for the current ebola outbreak in neighbouring Uganda, we will not be travelling anywhere near where this outbreak is present, however we will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that our programs are as safe as possible.

We always recommend visiting a travel doctor to properly prepare yourself for the region you are visiting.

Source: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/


myth #3

Travelling in Tanzania is expensive


Known for expensive safaris, it’s a common misconception that Tanzania isn’t accessible to backpackers.

Not from our experience! With the network of local friends we have, we know the safest and most reasonably priced places for the budget backpacker.


myth #4

The people of Tanzania need to be “saved”


With millions of volunteers flocking to the continent each year, it’s easy to assume the locals are in need of saving.

We aren’t going to Tanzania to save anyone. The people of the places we visit are already doing incredible work for their communities. We are there to learn how we can best support their work. 

Check out our manifesto to learn more about our goals and values when we travel and volunteer abroad!

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