The DL on KL

OG Southeast Asia has stormed into Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and there’s no turning back. After enduring an overnight ferry ride in which the game of Euchre was played far too many times, the group arrived at Suratthani. We then waited for two hours for a minivan to drive us to the border. Waiting for any bus is never fun but the hours between 5-7 a.m. are particularly difficult. Stuck between a state of tiredness and pain, the limbo of not being able to sleep was further aggravated when the minibus ride turned out to be sweltering.

Upon arrival at Hat Yai, the Thai border town, we waited for our VIP bus to take us through customs. Surprisingly, this bus lived up to its billing as few other VIP bus experiences have: complimentary water bottle in each seat, extra large seats and enough air-conditioning to freeze tea.

Welcome to Malaysia!

12 unexciting hours later, we finally arrived at our destination: Kuala Lumpur. Affectionately known as KL, the capital of Malaysia boasts one of the highest quality of life in all of Asia. Due to petroleum, international banking and a booming tourism industry, KL is home to an incredible array of stunning buildings including the Petronas Twin Towers (the tallest twin towers in the world.)

Petronas Twin Towers

After spending a fun night out on the town, the group ventured throughout the city today on the KL Hop on Hop off tour. The group rode the bus for hours, walked until our feet hurt and truly began to understand why KL is considered a world-class city. From experiencing the beauty of a 92 square hectare Green Zone (if only Canadian parks could be so large) to the neo-modern Muslim architecture of the Masjid Jamek, Merdeka Square and much more, the group definitely had a great day.

Modern Muslim ArchitecturePetaling Street, ChinatownThe girls and their pretzels

We’ve got to run as we’re taking a 7 am flight to Borneo tomorrow morning. We’ll be starting to scuba the next day so the excitement under the sea begins very soon.

Until next time,

The Southeast Asia Eco Team