The end has come

All good things must come to an end and the OG Southeast Asia Eco group learned this lesson the hard way. After spending six weeks roaming around the beaches of Thailand, the jungles of Malaysia and so much more, we are all safely back on home soil, recuperating from our jetlag, adjusting back to the luxuries of hot water and infinite food choices but most importantly, missing Southeast Asia.

To review the trip seems an almost impossible task right now. How can we describe the lessons learned, accomplishments achieved and surprising twists and turns in a single blog entry? If we said that we ate maggots, motorbiked on impossibly steep roads, visited some of Asia’s most modern and hectic cities, collected seeds, planted trees, cut jungle trails and built an organic compost centre in the rainforests of Borneo, scuba dived 20 stories under the sea to swim with sea turtles and pick up plastic bags and used diapers, learned about the horrors of shark finning, organized one hundred children to clean up garbage and visited baby orangutans; if we said all that, you may be able to understand what we did on the trip but not really what happened. All the small moments in between, from learning how to eat like the locals with our hands, watching the World Cup on the streets of Bangkok with thousands of people from every country imaginable, learning how to communicate with a deaf/mute jungle man and even, how the small actions of our daily lives affect people across the world, these moments and so many more were what made this trip so special.

We’ve included numerous photos that we hope can explain our trip but to be honest, nothing can truly capture the experience. The best advice we can give: just go and see for yourself.


The OG Southeast Asia Eco team

Garbage Clean-UpMabul Poster Competition Winners

We Be Divin' at Scuba Junkies"Wayna Sampah!" - "Too Much Garbage!"Wayna Sampah!In the Jungle...finally!Tree plantingA Good Day's WorkSE Asia Eco Team

So long and thanks for all the memories.