The End Has Come

It is with great sadness that we write this final blog post for the OG Southeast Asia Discovery program. After spending six amazing weeks together, the group is now safely back in Canada. We’ve tried to write a final blog update several times, but each time, the words haven’t accurately summarized the depth of our experience together.

We could go on about all we accomplished or everything we saw but we felt that those topics were covered in past blog posts. In the end, our ultimate goal on this, and all OG programs, is to challenge participants in their ways of thinking, their ways of acting and their ways of understanding the world. We pushed and prodded, with the result being a series of first-time, life-changing experiences. On our final day together, we sat down and wrote this list.

On OG Southeast Asia Discovery, it was my first time to:

  • Leave North America, ride an elephant, eat bugs, learn to ride a bike (and during morning rush hour at that), crash a motorcycle (not so bad!), eat spiders, swim in an ocean, get chased by monkeys, visit a Buddhist temple, fly through trees on a zipline, use a squat toilet, bargain over prices, ride a tuk-tuk, meet a monk, build a water tank, run a leadership workshop for girls, sleep in a bamboo hut, eat a meal made entirely out of bamboo cutlery and bowls, teach a university class, paint a mural, visit a garbage dump, enjoy a hot water shower, scuba dive, see a river dolphin, understand what poverty really means, backpack with new friends and most importantly, have a summer I’ll never forget.
To everyone that followed this blog, thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoyed the tales of our journeys.
To all the participants at home enjoying your high-pressure showers, comfy beds and the pleasure of not having to use the bum gun anymore, Amanda and Jonah really miss you all. You made the six weeks we had together an unforgettable experience and we know we’ll see you all again soon for the OG Holiday Jam.