The rains are slowing…

Hi faithful followers,

David Berkal here, writing from OG-central. I have just touched base with Dima and Jonathan, our two Guatemala trip leaders and they have asked that I post for them. You may have seen on the news that there have been some torrential rains down in Central America and Guatemala was especially hit hard. The team decided to stay in the small community of Santa Anita la Union to keep safe from the damage the rain has caused to the roads. They say the last five days there have been an incredible learning experience since it has shown them what it can really be like to live in rural Guatemala.

Now that the rains are starting to clear (today they were able to hike to a beautiful waterfall!) plans are to move along with caution. They will soon be working in San Juan la Laguna where coffee farming is the thing to do. As of now though electricity is sparse in the community and so it is difficult to charge their phones. Everyone is safe and doing well and I will be giving all the participants families a call tomorrow just to let them know that (in case you anyone is not following the blog).

All the best,