The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy

Written by Jade Owens, 2016 Southeast Asia: Cities and Sanctuaries

Since being in Cambodia, I have seen two halos around the sun. While there is obviously a scientific reason, there is also an amazing spiritual one. Great spiritual teachers call this the “Whirling Rainbow” prophecy.

The prophecy says, “There will come a day when people of all races, colours, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding, and healing everywhere they go.”

Jim SEA CS 1

Photos by Jim Piermarini

With the recent tragedies our world has been enduring, I think we very much need a whirling rainbow. We forget that we can be the change we want to see in the world. Alone we are small, but together we are so much bigger than hate.

During our time in Southeast Asia, we’ve built a home for homeless teachers and an elderly grandmother, helped farmers in their gardens, planted trees with Khmer schoolchildren, and learned about the amazing world of permaculture. Soon, we are taking the beautiful children of Tiny Toones on a three day beach retreat to reward them for all their accomplishments in school and in life.

I would have to say Operation Groundswell is a huge part of the whirling rainbow. Imagine, if we had a world full of backpacktivists, how beautiful our earth could be.