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Travel to Open Your Eyes


by Morgan, 2023 Cambodia: Cities & Sanctuaries

Hello!!! My name is Morgan Becker!! I’m a 30 something elementary school teacher from rural Wyoming! I love my job teaching (herding?) sixth grade students, and I enjoy bread wayyyy too much…or is it just the right amount?! It never fails.  In November every year I start to get, what my family lovingly refers to as, The Itch.

This itch is a deep need I feel in my soul to get out of my comfort zone. To experience something stunning, life altering, and all together new. It is the real life equivalent to my childhood obsession with the Discovery Channel and those amazing Eyewitness Books with all of the pictures.

Last fall (2022) when the itch struck me I knew that it was time to check out Operation Groundswell pages AGAIN! In the past I had traveled to Guatemala, India, and Peru with OG, and I knew that whatever adventure they took me on would be exactly what my heart needed.  That’s how I ended up in Cambodia. 

This trip, like all the others, was the kind of life changing and eye opening trip that I had expected, and so much more.  My trip leader Caroline, and my travel mates were the best group of people I have ever had the privilege to travel with.  Together we explored Angkor Wat, ate soooo many noodles, and made my life long dream of planting rice come true.  We supported each other through scorching hot days, incredible downpours, long bus rides, and exciting new foods. 

The only thing I love more (or as much) as my fellow travelers were the partners that OG introduced us to! Through local tour guides, tuc tuc drives, farmers, and humanitarians I learned about Cambodia’s long and recent history.  I learned about a people that are a model of peace, love, and forgiveness.  We worked alongside community members who were working to better their communities. 

That is what travel is about.  Go somewhere so that you can grow in your mind and be changed in your heart. Go to see that we, all of humanity, are connected and so much more alike that we are different. Travel so that you can bring the love of the world back to your family and community.

what are you waiting for?