The Truth Can Look A Little Messy

Written by Eyal Rosenblum, Executive Director at Operation Groundswell.
Photo by Farzona A.

It is a typically chilly night in Jerusalem. It is the Sabbath, and as I stand on my balcony gazing out into the city, I’m struck by the silence the Sabbath brings. Shops are closed, the streets are devoid of the weekly bustle, and there is a rare atmosphere of peace in a city shrouded in conflict.

My mind is buzzing. I am 2 weeks into leading my first Operation Groundswell program and I’m stuck thinking about the first program planning session I had with Jonah and David, OG’s founders. I had expected the program to be challenging. That it would push our participants out of their comfort zone, both physically and intellectually. I had foreseen the impact this region, our partners, and our conversations would have on the group. What I had not expected was the profound change I would personally experience.

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