Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Oh My!

Well it has been far too long since we posted up here, but that is a testament to just what a jam packed time we have had. Since the last post OGEA through a party that fed nearly 1000 people, we went hiking and tree climbing in Kakamega rain forest, we went bungee jumping and white water rafting on the Nile in Jinja, Uganda, we delved deep into the bush in a tiny village 1 hour drive off of the electrical grid. There we built two tree nurseries in local schools, planted tonnes of fruit trees for the nurseries and joined in a modern beekeeping training session. From there we bussed to Kigali where everyone took the timet o explore that beautiful and modern city independently and in small groups. Then we traveled for 3 days to get to the Islands of Lake Victoria off the coast of Mwanza. There we helped a local fishermans union to film a documentary about the effects of overpopulation and loose regulation on the islands. Our hard work paid off with fresh caught Tilapia for almost every meal and picturesque boat rides to work every morning.

It was hard to get hold of us for about a week because we were off the grid an changing countries every few days, Such is life backpacking in East Africa. Jo still has her Kenyan number +254 (0) 700616410 and she will be in Kenya for the duration of ITT so call anytime.

Now it is Independant Travel Time – ITT. The time where participants throw on their backpacks an explore on their own whims. Its exciting to see everyone so confident about their travels but sad to say goodbye even for just 9 days. We will meet up in the beautiful Lamu Archipelago on August 6th for a 2 day sailboat trip for our disorientation.

Until then people are going to Dar es Salam, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro Crater, Bak to MAragoli, Back to Kampala, and even all the way up to Marsabit.

Till next time Akuna Matata