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¿Underwear Flipping?

Written by the May 2017 Bolivia: Lands & Livelihoods team

Our Bolivia: Lands & Livelihoods team created a ‘zine together, filled with little gems like this list filled with wildly differing opinions. Backpacking makes us consider some things we would never have thought possible…

  • Unhygienic, uncomfortable, and most of all unnecessary!
  • I’m more of a “clean it in the sink” person but I’ve got no bad thoughts on flipping.
  • Last resort. Don’t be flippin’ unless you’re trippin’.
  • Flippin’ rocks! Save water!
  • It’s acceptable to flip if you’re on a backpacking trip!
  • It’s better to go commando.
  • It’s rarely acceptable to flip, but depending on the pants it might be better to go commando.
  • Easy, breezy, beautiful, undergirl (true)
  • Only with no other options!
  • Thongs. Pack small, last long.
  • Flip at your own discretion…

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