Want to work with us?

**Update: If you are interested in working with Operation Groundswell, all of our openings can be found on the website here! Feel free to email us any time at [email protected] if you have any questions.**

OG would not be OG without the inspiring, incredible people who coordinate and run our programs all across the world!

An OG Program Leader in East Africa

What do we want? Bad-ass travelers with a passion for the region, a critical mind for development and volunteering abroad, leadership experience and readiness to facilitate discussions, activities and silly games. We’re looking for the type of people who can keep a calm head in extreme situations, think creatively on the fly and get into the local scene with ease!

When do we want it? Applications are open now and interviews start this week! Pre-trip coordination starts in the fall and Program Leaders fly out in May (or earlier, if they so wish!)

We’re looking for people who know and love these regions, whether they have been on OG trips before or not, and who want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! We need that fun-serious and seriously-fun attitude to fit within the Operation Groundswell team!

We’ve got the positions for summer 2014 posted HERE. If you’re interested, take a look!

If you have any inquires after looking at the postings, email Laura at [email protected]