Weekend in Cape Coast

The rest of the week continued with our placements at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra. We learn a lot from each other when we share surreal experiences from shadowing doctors be it at the wards or clinics or the operating room in the Cardio Thoracic department. Also, some of us had opportunities of exploring our medical interests by shadowing doctors and nurses in the labour room in the Maternity department; Radiology department and Neurosurgery department.

For our weekend trip, we took off on Friday to Cape Coast. It was a cool night when we arrived because it rained. We hoped for it to be warm so as to explore the tourist spots of the city like the Kankun National Park, Cape Coast Castle and the beach at Coconut groove Hotel.

Unfortunately, it rained the next day but that did not stop us from seeing Kankun rainforest and doing the canopy walk at Kankun National Park. The canopy walk was a memorable one for me: I walked on suspended rope bridges. That was a challenge, I conquered.. after a tear or two. Fine. I cried. On a positive note, though, the scenery of the rainforest was absolutely gorgeous!

On Sunday, we went to the beach at Coconut Groove and this time, nature was very kind to us. The sun was out, there was cool air, the waves were high and beautiful and the water was at a good temperature. We played beach football (soccer) which was a lot of fun. After chilling at the beach, we gathered our bags and travelled to Accra to begin our second and last week of placements in Accra.

We are excited to meet the rest of the group from Sandema when we go on our next weekend trip to Kumasi. This is where we will switch placements, the Accra group move to Sandema and vice versa. So, we all look forward to preparing our minds and bodies for more experiences ahead!

Caroline 🙂