Looking out to Peru

Where the Winds are Blowing

There is a high degree of uncertainty you face while travelling – a bus arriving hours behind schedule, the first night in a new hostel, or the comically confusing directions you receive from a local. At first it’s a bit scary but as your days turn into weeks into months, you begin to embrace the uncertainty and eventually relish in it.

Coming up to almost three years as the Executive Director of Operation Groundswell, I’ve learned to embrace the unexpected and simply smile at the changing of the winds, whether it brings storm clouds or sunshine. As we wrap up yet another year, I’d like to share with you where the wind is blowing OG these days.

We’re excited to continue and further cement our collaboration with universities and colleges on the cutting edge of experiential education. We are currently developing new programs for a variety of Canadian and American institutions, from our partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Business to the University of Toronto’s School for International Development. These programs will allow students to go beyond the classroom and into the world for an intensive educational experience that will change the way they see the world. If you want to bring this type of learning to your school, feel free to give us a shout.

Last year, we were putting our first shovels into the ground in Guatemala, on the shores of the magical Lago Atitlan. Over the summer, many of our groups passed through the Hub, leaving their mark on our new home. This year we will continue to invest in the space so that we may host programs and walk-in volunteers alike, 365 days a year!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we have put together an unbelievable Alumni Action Team. This beautiful bunch will be leading up a variety of actions, community events, and kickstarting our very own mentorship program. You can read their own introduction here and if you’re an alumni, get involved in ways you see fit!

We’ve got bright days ahead of us and our family here at OGHQ is excited as ever to bring you along on our journey. In the meantime, I’d like to wish you a happy, forward-thinking New Year from the bottom of my heart to yours. Don’t forget to smile at the wind.

With love,
Eyal Rosenblum

Holidays 2014