Hiking through the Colca Canyon by Robyn Boyd

Winners of OG’s 5th Annual Photo Competition

Holy batman! Another year, another photo competition…and it’s been our biggest one yet! We’ve been overwhelmed by the submissions this year that have captured vistas, faces, and moments in such breathtaking and honest photos. And for the first time ever, we even received photos from places OG has never traveled to (maybe one day, though!). From Morocco to Iceland, from Turkey to Tajikistan, it’s been a wild ride around the world through photography. And now, after 28 competitors and 78 submissions from all sorts of nooks and crannies from this beautiful world of ours and over 2200 votes, we’re happy to announce the winners of this year’s photo competition!

Robyn Boyd, 356 votes
Colca Canyon, Peru

Hiking through the Colca Canyon by Robyn Boyd

“A few OG backpactivists venturing into the beautiful Colca Canyon in Peru. We hiked in and out, spending 3 days exploring this incredible canyon (which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon!), staying with a local family overnight. We learned all about the sustainable way that the locals live off the land in the canyon – farming, beekeeping, using plants as natural medicine, and worshiping the Pachamama (Mother Earth). We even got a chance to take part in gathering fruit and vegetables with the locals to prepare a traditional lunch, with guinea pig as the main course! The hike was one of the most physically exhausting things I have ever done (especially the hike out, which began before sunrise at 4am), but I can honestly say it remains one of the most incredible adventures and learning experiences I have ever had; it truly changed my life.

Muneeb Chaudhary, 183 votes
Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Gliding through the Turquoise Coast - Muneeb Chaudhary

“Flying high above the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey, the small village and beach resort of Ölüdeniz is one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. Even so, I found myself spending very little time there, and instead exploring the vast valleys, abandoned villages, and rock-cut tombs of the surrounding Ancient Lycia. This picture was taken during a paragliding flight, shortly after jumping off the 2000m high Babadağ aka “Father Mountain.” The view really put it all into perspective.”

Sarah Are, 102 votes
Sacred Valley, Peru

Making new friends in the Sacred Valley - Sarah Are

“In the midst of a busy workweek, repairing and cleaning a maternal health clinic in the Sacred Valley of Peru, our team had the privilege of teaching this cute little boy how to high five. It’s the little things.”

Thank you to our awesome community of ethical travellers who submitted their stellar photos and shared intimate moments from their time on the road with us! Until next time…