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Photo by: Megan Sarka, Bali Indonesia

Winners of OG’s 6th Annual Photo Competition

From the Serengeti to the cobblestone streets of Antigua, from the Spiti Valley to the active volcanos of Bali, it’s been a wild ride around the world through photography! We’ve been so dazzled by this year’s submissions that have captured vistas, faces, and moments in such breathtaking and honest photos.  And now, after 21 competitors and 56 submissions from all sorts of nooks and crannies from this beautiful world of ours and over 2,317 votes, we’re happy to announce the winners of this year’s photo competition!

Megan Sarka, 350 votes
Bali, Indonesia

Photo by: Megan Sarka, Bali Indonesia

“Waking up at 2:30 am to prepare to climb my first active volcano in Bali, Indonesia. The last eruption was in 2000. We climbed mounds of old lava and rock through the pitch black night until we reached the summit at 5,665ft. Making it to the top at perfect timing to see the sunrise.”

Jamie Cheung, 277 votes
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo by: Jamie Cheung

“Cĥāng in Chiang Mai.”

Sydney Marshall, 208 votes
Bilbao, Spain

Photo by: Sydney Marshall

“This is probably one of the most overlooked cities, but one of the most beautiful: Bilbao, Spain. With its amazing mountains, lively culture and incredible history, everything about the Basque country and lifestyle is stunning.”

Thank you to our awesome community of ethical travellers who submitted their stellar photos and shared intimate moments from their time on the road with us! Until next time…

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WARNING: viewing may lead to severe wanderlust. Symptoms may include browsing flight fares and dusting off your backpack.

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