Winners of OG’s 4th Annual Photo Competition

What a year it’s been for our photo competition! We’ve gotten submissions from all corners of the world including Ghana, Peru, Cambodia, Thailand, Guatemala, and the Middle East, all capturing wonderful vistas and moments. And now, after 32 submissions and over 3500 votes, we’re happy to announce the winners of our annual photo competition!

It’s the Little Things in Life

Farzona Ahrari, 997 votes

Farzona Ahrari, It's the Little Things in Life

“It’s all still a continuous learning experience even for me – what I witnessed evoked an emotional response in me and motivated me to learn more about the conflict’s history and politics, question people on both sides, and look at things critically. And I encourage you all to do the same, learn, understand, ask questions.”

Read Farzona’s insightful and extensive summary of her experience on our Middle East: Behind the Headlines program at

The Cross of the Volcanoes

Travis Rumney, 828 votes

Travis Rumney, The Cross of the Volcanoes

This photo depicts Guatemalan culture and scenery that comes with the small towns traveled in our adventures. It shows the significance of the foundation of Guatemalan culture in a world full of natural disasters. Whether or not you share the same culture, you can feel that belief is the one thing that has kept Guatemalan united through the “civil war” (that we learned was, in fact, a genocide). Life doesn’t often submerge us into different cultures, but this moment, this trip, and these memories were all an internalized understanding that until you put on their shoes, you’ve never walked the same road.


Sophie Du Mays, 255 votes

Sophie Du Mays, Sundown

Simply enjoying the beautiful sundown on our last day in Guatemala…


Congratulations to all our winners! A huge thanks to all our backpacktivists who shared their stories with us through their photography and all of you who voted!

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