Working Together and Moving Fluidly at Sembrando Semillas

Written by Smile Garcia, Peru Mind and Body.  

Arriving to the small city of Tika Tika was an adventure within itself. Some OG volunteers traveled on a packed bus and others in a van. We walked along the train tracks and up a hill to finally arrive to our final destination of Sembrando Semillas. As we settled in, I got to teach my first dance class to three beautiful little girls from the community: Cynthia, Ruth, and Susan. They enjoyed it as much as I did! They learned the first counts of Dance Engagements’ Whitney Houston Tribute dance. Once class was over, they left to play at the newly built playground, courtesy of the OG Early Summer volunteers. I finally got to shower before dinner after three days of not having access to a shower at the farm! Before dinner was served, we got to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which worships Shiva leading us to the mountain of meditation and our first experience of Sembrando Semillas’ teachings.

global dance beats in Peru!

Teaching the girls of Cruz Verde some Global Dance Beats!

We woke up to the sound of the conch shell at 7 a.m. and started our morning with our first yoga lesson. We learned a new breathing technique to help us release any bad toxins and bring in good energy. Lindsey, Terri, and I got to make breakfast and prepared a fruit tart with a base of cinnamon, ground peanuts, toasted oats, bananas, and lots of love. We topped the fruit tart with papaya, apple, and oranges. Before we ate breakfast we recited the same chant, which makes the food taste more delicious while reminding us all to be thankful for it.

Then we got to work starting with making channels for the new solar showers’ piping. Everyone worked in various areas either busting concrete for the new tubing, carrying cement, or breaking down the wall for the new showers. In the afternoon, we got to work with the kids again working on coloring and reading. After all of our hard work, we had a great healthy lunch of potatoes, salad, and soup.

breaking concrete and digging trenches

Breaking concrete and digging trenches for the piping

Round 2 of conch wake up call, yoga, and meditation. It was a great way to start off the day developing our strength and focusing on the present moment. Connecting both our mind and body through yoga and community service brings a huge smile to my face.


Putting the finishing touches on the OG Early Summer Playground

Terri and I started working on finishing the thatch roof of the playground as Jess and Christie worked on the other. The cleaning crew worked on their duties and the group assigned for breakfast started on the meal. We’re always working together and moving fluidly! While working on the roof we all got to learn more about each other and create stronger bonds.The OG volunteers worked as a team bringing in the heavy adobe bricks to start working on building the wall for the solar showers. We finished the rooftop of the playground and others kept moving forward on the solar shower project.

Everyone is taking on various tasks like making signs, hauling bricks, weeding the garden, teaching dance classes, and mixing dirt and water to help build the solar shower walls. As a group we are moving along and working very hard through teamwork, passion, and dedication. This experience is definitely a growing experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything. All of the OG members are unique, coming from various areas of the world working together to make the world a better place!

mud and dirt

Stomping in mud and dirt to make the all-natural mortar