WOW – Ghana I love You!

The hospitality here is unlike anywhere else in the world. For those of you coming out, you’re in for a treat. Last night was an epic night. Picture sleeping in a Castle overlooking a breath taking coastline. You go down to the ocean to play, take part, and watch children glowing with personality and charm catching crabs, loving every minute of it. You head back up to the castle, to watch one of the most amazing storms you could ever imagine. Lighting bolts blasting through your windows, thunder crashing through the un-powered, silenced Castle and the rain lightly mists you and your belongings. Beauties. To top it all off , I wake up to one of the best prepared meals I have had in my life. The notorious Banana Pancakes of the one and only Joseph… I can not tell anymore details as, I want my friends to be there to experience it themselves.

All I can say is. I am Home again!

Thank you Ghana!

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