You, Me and Ayiti

In less than 12 hours, OG Haiti Grassroots Engineering will begin! All of our preparations are complete and we’re super stoked that our team is arriving very soon. We won’t bore you with too long an update but there’s a couple quick moments that are pure Haiti that the world must know about.

This past weekend, our fearless leaders, Steph and Jonah, ventured from the cramped confines of Port-au-Prince to the lovely beaches of Jacmel. Though just 75 kilometres apart, our journey took almost 4 hours from door to door. Once we arrived at the bus station in downtown PAP, there seemed to be no spots left in the next vehicle leaving. What we may have viewed as no spots, the bus wranglers viewed as an opportunity to offer spots on the roof rack with the bags.

Best part of the journey? Climbing the mountains past Leogane, a truck full of corn was trying to pass us. Two guys were chilling on top of the truck eating some mangoes. They yelled hello to us, we yelled hello to them. They laughed at the idea of white people on top of a bus. We laughed at the idea of guys on a corn truck eating mangoes. We asked them to throw us one. They laughed…and threw us a mango while driving 60 km/h on a mountain road. Oh Haiti…

Once we arrived in Jacmel, we found the most beautiful villa for our group to stay in for Disorientation in June. After that, we visited Basin Blue, an amazing set of three crystal clear waterfalls and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Haiti.


Well that wraps up our pre-con. The tables are set for an epic OG adventure. And we here are ready for it.

Stay tuned,

Team OG Haiti